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Insanity Workout UK full version

I think that it's better to find a way to order them because, you can try the program for 30 days which is half the duration of the program, and if you don't like the program for any reason you can contact customer support and they will give you full refund. Plus you get an online support with fitness experts if you have any questions during the workouts and to stay motivated.

woke up this morning and I’m actually human! How the dilli-oh did I manage that? I feel as though I’ve had a good workout but on a scale of 1-10 for tenderness I’d say I’m now at a 2 compared to an 8 yesterday. So as you’d expect I’m now feeling stupidly overconfident for tonight and I can’t wait to go head first into some killer cardio. I actually did some situps after my workout last night and I’m going to do some arm weights prior to it tonight; it’s not part of the Intensity workout plan but it’s something I would normally do so I don’t see the need to drop my regular routine right now and surely it will only help me to continue, right?

I’m also at the halfway point of week one, how cool is that!? And I’ve decided that I will film each fitness test at the end of every week to show you how I’m improving, so there will be eight videos in total if I make it through to the end. I hope my cameraman can stay awake long enough! :)

As my brother is a nutrition advisor it was handy to pop over for a quick test before a well-deserved dinner and it only took a few minutes. How I understand it, the little metal connector things send a small current into your body which you can’t feel, and it measures the amount of water, fat, muscle and organs in your body to give you a report on what you’re made of. So if a BMI tells a muscly bodybuilder that they’re obese because they weigh sixteen stone, the body composition machine will recognise how much is their actual body and how much is fat and identify that they’re perfectly healthy. People can be naturally big boned, carry a lot of muscle or have large organs which can make them weigh more even though they hold very little fat, so when dieting never seems to work then this can shed some light on why. So clever!


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Insanity covers all the bases, so it’s quite simply all a person needs to buy in order to get into the shape they want in only a couple of months. It includes a complete nutrition guide that helps individuals eat right while still eating deliciously and enjoyably. It also includes a full selection of different workouts that cover all the bases in order to provide clients with variety and optimal results. These include but are not limited to cardio routines, ab-focused workouts, resistance training, and much more. It even includes a detailed schedule so users stay on track.

Most customers who have made the Insanity workout their program of choice have lost between 30 and 50 pounds in just a couple of months. However, it’s not for the faint of heart. This workout is only for people who are really serious about their health and body. If that sounds ideal, then a person can’t go wrong.

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